RAPID expansion of digital technologies has transformed the way markets and industries operate. The rise in consumer engagement with digital technologies has made it necessary for Small and Medium Enterprises to enhance their capability to engage the digital economy not only to grow their businesses but to ensure their very survival. Malaysian businesses need to revolutionise the way they conduct businesses or lose competitiveness.

In marketing, e- marketing and the use of social mediatools are increasingly important in any successful marketing strategy. SMEsthat actively engage in e-marketing not only benefit from enhanced new business generation but reduced cost of sales. They may also secure better brand awareness and greater market share. Oneof the digital products is the mobile which has experienced tremendous growthin recent years. Mobile cannot be an afterthought anymore. It needs to be integrated into everything companies do and should be at the forefront of any marketing strategy. Today, companies’ efforts need to be mobile-first, not mobile-friendly, particularly for Gen-Yers who are born during 1977 to 2000.

Derrick Liew – Founder and CEO of Getright Malaysia presenting his speech at FMM Marketing &  Branding Conference 2016

Gen-Y represents 40 percent of the population in Malaysia and makes up 62 percent of Malaysia workforce. Malaysia has 34 million mobile subscribers and 17.5 million internet users. Two out of three Malaysians are smartphone users. For a third of Malaysians, the smartphone is their only Internet-connected device. In another word, companies which engage Gen-Yconsumers successfully via mobile are definitely a step ahead of their competitors.

Today’s FMM Marketing & Branding Conference 2016 hasattracted 108 marketing personnel from varied industries, especially FMCG and personal care companies. Nine invited speakers will cover topics ranging from Gen-Y’s mobile usage and attitudes, fundamentals of mobile marketing up to the technologies that enrich Gen-Yers’ experiences. FMM believes that this event has provided a suitable platform for companies interested in implementing mobile marketing strategies to reach their targeted consumers. We plan to organise more of such events to support FMM member companies keeping ahead of the competition and in growing their revenue.