INSURANCE has become an essential part of our life whether is protection for ourselves or our love one. Choosing the best suited insurance plan among the insurers is often a difficult choice due to different insurers have its own strength and weaknesses.

Bank Negara Malaysia has set a regulation to enforce all insurance companies in Malaysia should have products to be sold online by year 2017. To go inline with the direction set by Bank Negara aforementioned, Allianz has introduced series of products for Malaysian to purchase online thru their website at

The website is designed with simplicity in mind. Providing end user the easiest and fastest way to get insurance coverage. Currently Allianz has launched 2 products and there will be more and more products to be available online.

Allianz Internet Insurance will be available on January 2017. By the time, everyone can get coverage with less than 10 minutes of online application process. Get covers now with Allianz Internet Insurance!