Native or Hybrid Mobile App? This is one of the most confusing topic in mobile app development and toughest choice to make for a customer who has little technical knowledge. In this post we will try to explain in a layman way to help you understand and choose the right type of mobile app for your project.


First of all, let us discuss what is Hybrid App or Native App. After understanding each type of app and its pros and cons,
we will be able to make the right choice of technology when embarking on a mobile app project.

Native App

I believe most developer has the same justifications on what is native app and there are a lot of online resources available trying to explain what is native app and it’s pros and cons. Here’s an official definition of a native app for your reference. In our definition, a Native App is built on official SDK (Software Development Toolkit) released by the official developer of the operating system such is Apple -iOS and Android – Google. This means that native app will be developed directly on the ground of the iOS and Android platform to ensure the best compatility and performance.

Hybrid App

Whereas Hybrid App is built on a third party technology which tried to bridge between the native iOS and Android platforms with one single intermediate layer. Theoretically, ith this approach we can build one source code base to support both iOS and Android platforms which allow great savings in effort and time to build the mobile app. However, it is common known that this intermediate layer or 3rd party technology may have performance issues and some times compatibility issues. There are plenty of hybrid technology we can leverage on to build our mobile application. These technology is built with the concept of web technology (HTML5). With this web technology as a ground, it is able to support any devices as long as there is a webview converter. These technologies are such as Phonegap, Cordova, Ionic, AngularJS, Jquery Mobile and many others. On the other hand, there are some technology that has the capability to convert into native code to ensure best performance although it is still consider as hybrid technology. These technology are such as Appcelerator Titanium and Xamarin.

Choice between Native and Hybrid

In our opinion, both native and hybrid technology has its pros and cons. The decisive factor for the best choice between these 2 technology is depending on the functionality and budget. .


In this post, we discussed about how developer derive the cost of development for a mobile app project. We also discussed about different factors that could possibly affect the cost of development. If you planning to start a mobile app development project, you may need to consider these factors as it will affects the success rate and sustainability of your project.

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