GDEX Mobile Application System


Established in 1997, GD Express (GDEX) has grown steadily spanning over 150 stations in Malaysia and Singapore. GDEX is listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia with 2 main operating segments, namely, Express Delivery and Logistics.


This project is to develop a mobile application system that integrate with GDEX core backend system. The mobile application is for customer to request for parcel pickup and GDEX will deliver it to the destination. During the delivery process the courier personnel will use another mobile application to update the parcel status and update back to the core system through API.


GDEX Mobile Application System is a combination of customer app, courier app and Web based application system that working together to support the GDEX customers to request parcel pickup service. Customer will use the mobile application to request for parcel pickup. After pickup, courier personnel will update the parcel location and status using the courier app and update back to GDEX core system through web services.

The system is designed and developed with simplicity in mind where customer can easily request for a parcel pickup service. Customer can also use the mobile application to keep track of the parcel status and current location. The mobile application has replaced the hardcopy form submission and phone call request which are extremely tedious.


Team Size


System Users


Months to Deliver



User Requirement Study
Intensive technical workshops carried out to capture and understand the user requirements in detail. Document these requirements into proper format and serve as the blueprint of the system.

UI / UX Design
Design all screens and user interactions with wireframing technique. Make client understand the proposed system flow. This is a very important step to get concensus among stakeholders before development starts.

Design & Development
Develop the system according to user requirement study specification document and UI/UX wireframes with the chosen technology stacks.

Training, Handover & Maintenance
Series of training carried out to ensure user understand how the system works and what they supposed to do at each stage. After successfully deployed the system to production environment, we will be maintaining the system, patch fixes and upgrade system as and when required.


The Challenge

GDEX Core System Integration.

The main challenge of this project is to integrate with GDEX Core System. The mobile application has to update the live status of the parcel location and statuses back to the core system through web services. These web services is not available during the time of development. Therefore both parties has to work together in order for both system to integrate smoothly with each other.

The Solution

Integrate with custom API & Webservices.

Getright programmer has to work closely with GDEX internal programmer team to discuss the best method of integration. GDEX IT team has little or no knowledge to work with mobile application, therefore Getright plays an important role in the integration process by giving guidelines to GDEX on the appropriate method for the integration between mobile application and the core system.


Getright has successfully developed a mobile application on both iOS and Android for GDEX corporate customer to start with the pilot testing before offering to general public users. Eventually the GDEX mobile application will evolved to become a pulic service app where user can install and request for parcel pickup service and make payment immediately throught the mobile application.

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