SKMM eConsult System


The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission is a regulatory body and its key role is the regulation of the communications and multimedia industry.


This project is to build a procurement, tendering, project management and document management system for SKMM MCMC to regulate telecommunication project between the negotiation of Developers and Telco. It is one of the signature project of Getright in recent years.


SKMM eConsult System is designed with simplicity in mind. Every stakeholder is supposed to see or perform action relevant to them at one click or at one sight. Basically user will get notified on task required to perform, they will be led to the page to take action. There will be only one single action to be performed at a time. This is to ensure every workflow to be processed smoothly.

This is a very complexed system that involved hundreds of agencies or companies and thousands of users. There are 16 steps in each workflow with different project type and purpose. To cater such complexed system, a simplified UI / UX designed is required in order to reduce human error and uncertainty.


Team Size


System Users


Months to Deliver



Requirement Analysis
Intensive workshops carried out to study user requirements and document down the details in proper format which served as a blueprint for the development.

Deciding Technology Stacks
Choose a full stacks of technology to build the intended system based on the requirements, budget and time to delivery.

Prototyping & Development
Started with wireframes and prototyping, progressing to beta release and then stable release as a final product. Development has to be following the user requirement documentation precisely.

Training, Handover & Maintenance
Series of training carried out to ensure user understand how the system works and what they supposed to do at each stage. After successfully deployed the system to production environment, we will be maintaining the system, patch fixes and upgrade system as and when required.


The Challenge

To Simplify a complexed system and conduct user training nationwide.

The main challenge of this project is to simplify a complexed system and to ensure each user action giving accurate data and decision. Another big challenge is to train thousands of users nationwide to make sure all level of users know their role in this system and what they supposed to achieve as per the defined system KPI and policies.

The Solution

Refine the system and processes based on intensive user requirement study.

To capture every possible scenarios during user requirements system and refine processes and output of the system. Conduct A/B testing to find the optimized user flow for each level of users to design the UI / UX that fit different user needs. Conduct weekly training to support users from different states to get them familiarized with the system.


eConsult System is running in pilot stage in the core cities. After successfully trained and stabilized the system, it will be opened up to other states and cities. All telco users has been trained to use the system and all the project submitting person has learned to interact with the system. System will be running nationwide by end of year 2017 and also branching out to support other government agencies such as state councils, fire department, police department and etc.

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