Louisleeman eCommerce System


Dutch shoe designer Louis Leeman and Erica Pelosini met during their studies at Polimoda school in Erica’s hometown of Florence, Italy, the city of birth of the Renaissance. Loius Leeman produce handmade luxury shoe endorsed by celebrities.


This project is to revamp the website for Louisleeman which is a popular celebrity shoe maker’s brand from Paris. Apart from revamping the design, we also implemented a full suites of POS system for Louis Leeman to automate its online business in the global market. It involve multi country sales, warehouses and fulfilment to the worldwide market.


Louisleeman is a celebrity shoe maker brand. There are many famous celebrities wearing Louisleeman for casual and grand occasions. The design concept of the website we embraced is elegant, clean and trendy to attract bigger interest group.

The system not only visually attractive, it also powered by a full-fledge enterprise grade eCommerce system, POS and ERP system that support cross-selling, up-selling and all kinds of creative offers and promtions. It also support multi-currency and multi-store setup to enable global purchase.


Team Size


System Users


Months to Deliver



Requirement Analysis
Intensive workshops carried out to study user requirements and document down the details in proper format which served as a blueprint for the development.

Deciding Technology Stacks
Choose a full stacks of technology to build the intended system based on the requirements, budget and time to delivery.

Design & Development
Develop the system according to user requirement study specification document and UI/UX wireframes with the chosen technology stacks.

Training, Handover & Maintenance
Series of training carried out to ensure user understand how the system works and what they supposed to do at each stage. After successfully deployed the system to production environment, we will be maintaining the system, patch fixes and upgrade system as and when required.


The Challenge

Multi-store global fulfillment.

The main challenge of this project is to design and develop a multi-store setup for Louisleeman to support purchase coming from different countries. Different countries has got different sales tax, however Louisleeman will cover all taxes incurred during the purchase. These require accurate calculation of profit and cost to avoid losses especially when discount is given on top of a product price.

The Solution

Customize Magento to support global stores.

Although magento has multi-store features, but it is relatively difficult to setup as compared to other store systems. However, among all eCommerce platform, Magento has the best features and flexibility for customization. We have customize functionalities on top of Magento default setup to further expand its functionalities according to Louisleeman’s requirements.


Louisleeman is running successfully with new skin and a much powerful eCommerce system which previously running on Shopify that only support single webstore setup. With Magento, Louisleeman is able to run Global Web Stores to support customer from different countries such as shipping, taxes and currency support.

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