Offering you the best of the bread managed hosting services
with more than a decade of experience providing cost effective hosting.


Hosted Sites


Managed Servers


Data Centres



Network Security

Our network security experience with the Financial Institutions and Government Agencies has prepared us with
high-end security hardening knowledge and hands-on to serve other clients in different industry.


Performance Tuning

Our core business is software development. Optimization software application
with the given hardware or server resources because very crucial to balance between performance and cost.
Fine tuning performance at server, network and application level has become our forte.


High Availability

To maintain service level agreement with high availability architecture
is one more our mission in every enterprise software development project. We have varse experience in
setting up high availability network architecture for mission critical project.


Server Setup
  • Node CreationOS Installation
  • OS Installation
  • Disk Mounting
  • Web Server Setup
  • Database Setup
  • SSL and many more

Network Config
  • 3-Tier Network
  • Topology Design
  • Bandwidth Control
  • Elastic IP
  • Ethernet Config
  • Intranet / Extranet

  • Firewall Setup
  • DDOS Prevention
  • SSL/TLS Encryption
  • VPN Setupion
  • Security Audit
  • Security Policy

  • Load Balancing
  • App Optimzation
  • Server Tuning
  • High Availability
  • Server Scalability
  • Server Optimization

  • Code Optimization
  • Open Source App
  • Application Setup
  • Database Optimization
  • Application Maintenance
  • Debug & Issue Tracker

Mail Server
  • Mail Server Setup
  • Account Creation
  • Email Migration
  • Backup & Recovery
  • Anti Virus
  • Spam Prevention

Backup & Recovery
  • Backup Disk
  • Scheduled Backup
  • Recovery Service
  • Failover Setup
  • Redundancy Setup
  • Backup Nodes

  • Trouble Ticket
  • Phone Support
  • Email Support
  • Onsite SUpport
  • App Troubleshoot
  • Server Troubleshoot

Server Scalability
  • Auto Scaling
  • Manual Scaling
  • Disk Addon
  • Bandwidth Addon
  • Horizontal Scaling
  • Vertical Scaling

  • Server Migration
  • Account Migration
  • Domain Migration
  • App Migration
  • Email Migration
  • User Migration

Network Alarm
  • Downtime Alert
  • Fail Node Alert
  • SMS Alert
  • Email Alert
  • Network Health
  • Server Monitoring

Reporting & Analysis
  • Server Report
  • Bandwidth Report
  • Visitor Report
  • Google Analytics
  • Downtime Report
  • Cost Analysis

Cloud Hosting
Managed Services

Cloud hosting is the hottest trend in hosting industry. Our cloud hosting managed services take care of all technical aspects you need in deployment. Whether you are starting a small development project or need to host a high-traffic enterprise site, your best managed cloud hosting option is here.

Dedicated Server
Managed Services

We offer the best managed Dedicated Server Solutions available combined with unbeatable Getright SupportĀ®. Available on both Linux and Windows operating systems. Our Dedicated Server Solutions also come with Server HyperTuning™ and Secured hardening. With our fully managed services plan, you can sit back and relax while everything is taken care of.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Cloud CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a network of 500 nodes distributed globally to deliver contents from your website to the end users. Through the Cloud CDN you can effectively shorten website response times to milliseconds, ensure smooth video streaming and handle large volumes of traffic. Our Cloud CDN is a low-cost and scalable service that comes with no long-term contract. This is to ensure you only pay for content delivered through the CDN.

Resources Planning
& Cost Analysis

One of our bigger competitive advantage over other service providers is to help clients conduct server and network resources planning that fit to their budget. We also provide cost analysis report for short term and long term projection in order for them to forecast future investment.