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As the top & leading mobile app developer in Malaysia, Getright offers Android app development services for Android Phone, Tablet as well as Android Watches. Our team of skilled Android developers have extensive experience in developing Android mobile app and turn your idea it into a feature-rich android mobile app with best UI / UX and functionality.


  • Graphic Intensive
  • High Performance
  • Instant Interactivity
  • Network Gaming
  • Single & Multi-player
  • and many more

Video Streaming
  • High Volume Data
  • Cloud Architecture
  • CDN Optimized
  • Live Streaming
  • Native Codec
  • and many more

  • App Locking
  • Phone Locking
  • FingerPrint Detect
  • Encryption
  • Anti Virus
  • and many more

  • CRM App
  • HRM App
  • On-Boarding App
  • Financial App
  • Banking & Insurance
  • and many more

Social Media
  • Social Media Integration
  • Content Sharing
  • Photo & Video Post
  • Comment & Feedback
  • Rating System
  • and many more

  • In-App Purchase
  • Deals Aggregator
  • Online Shopping
  • B2B Platform
  • O2O Platform
  • and many more

  • Task Management
  • Calendar & Scheduler
  • Reminder & Alert
  • Document Management
  • Cloud Storage
  • and many more

  • Live Chat System
  • Video Call
  • Phone Call
  • Group Discussion
  • Messaging System
  • and many more

  • Augmented Reality App
  • Virtual Reality App
  • 3D Visualization
  • VR Gaming
  • Property App
  • and many more

Utility & Tools
  • Scree Saver
  • Private App Store
  • Speed Booster
  • Backup System
  • Cloud Services
  • and many more

Bluetooth & GPS
  • Location Based Service
  • Beacon Detection
  • Location Based Marketing
  • OBD Technology
  • Uber or Grab Model
  • and many more

Device Control
  • Robotic System
  • Smart Home System
  • Remote Control
  • Remote Access
  • Machinery Control
  • and many more


DISCLAIMER: These portfolios and applications are actual but exemplary (for better understanding); the actual names, designs, functionality, content and stats/facts may differ from the actual apps that have been published. This is due to the strict NDA policy that Getright Malaysia adheres to.

RobinFood Food Surplus Management System

Foodaid Foundation is a charity organization called themselve as “Food Bank”. They collect food surplus, reprocess and distribute to the people in needs of food. Yayasan Sime Darby has funded this charity project to develop a food surplus management system inspired by a group of young innovators who won the grand prize of Young Innovator’s Award 2016. Getright is the official technology partner to build the mobile application for this project.

GDEX Mobile Application System

Established in 1997, GD Express (GDEX) has grown steadily spanning over 150 stations in Malaysia and Singapore. GDEX is listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia with 2 main operating segments, namely, Express Delivery and Logistics.

This project is to develop a mobile application system that integrate with the core backend system to request for parcel pickup and delivery. There is also mobile app for the courier personnel to update the parcel status back to the core system.

Franchise Management System

Ekuiti Nasional Berhad (Ekuinas) is a private equity company owned by the Government of Malaysia. It was formed in 2009 to promote Bumiputera economic participation through the creation of innovative companies and to advance the private equity industry in Malaysia.

This project is to develop a full suites of franchise management system modules that assist Coolblog to operate its 400 franchise outlets in Malaysia.